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What your online presence says about you?

When was the last time you changed your LinkedIn photo?

Was it professionally taken? Here are six reasons it's essential to have clean, professional images representing your business and brand.

Having a professional photo on LinkedIn is vital for a few reasons.

  • First: Become Unforgettable. A high-resolution smiling profile picture gives potential employers a good first impression and shows them that you take your online presence seriously. It also helps you stand out from the crowd, as people will remember you more efficiently with a professional headshot.

  • Second: Professionalism. It lets you professionally express your personality and style. Consider what this does for you and your self-image. I know that process is nerve-wracking, but the ordinary bravery it takes to put yourself in front of the camera for your business reaffirms your commitment to yourself and your business.

  • Third: Confidence. It shows that you are confident and proud of your accomplishments. People buy from people, and if you show up as someone that has all areas of their professional life together, this inspires trust that you will handle their product/service in the same manner. Building trust between you and your network is vital to repeat custom interactions. Create a lasting impression when you meet people. Stay at the forefront of people's minds.

  • Fourth: Expansion. Developing your brand outside your job or your business creates room for expansion in your field outside of what people traditionally know you for. Perhaps you could create presentations on how you came to be in this field or run a networking session for others in a similar field. Whatever the options are, new headshots leave you open to new opportunities.

  • Fifth: Preparedness. Are you prepared for future success? When a big win comes in, the last thing you want is for that euphoric feeling to be dampened by the dreaded realisation that you don't have a decent picture to share this news with. You may be featured in an article or newsletter; what images do you have to give to third parties to represent you? Were they taken in the last 3 years? Is it a selfie? Jump ahead of the competition and be prepared with a library of good quality and dynamic images to grow your online presence.

With the world becoming increasingly digital and social media doing all things but actual genuine social connection, seeing a smiling face is a breath of fresh air that establishes a sense of credibility that you are a real person, not just your brand. Potential customers, partners, and employers will see this as a step closer to getting to know you.

So what can you do about that outdated profile picture?

Book a consultancy call with What About the Ash, and take control of your image today. Start the new year off right.

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