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I design brands for startups and small businesses looking to make a difference      

If you choose a design package, A consultation becomes part of a more extensive package 


  • A growth strategy outline

  • A list of recommendations for your brand going forward

  • An initial colour palette to start with

You will come away from this call feeling like you know exactly what it is you envision for your bran


Not ready to fully commit?
Reach out for our mini package 

What does that include?
  • A stand-alone consultation call lasting 2 hours on zoom to go in depth  with you (and your team if you have one) to define your brand
  • A brand personality 
  • A list of potential symbols
  • An avatar of your ideal client
  • Your general website style preference
After the call I will provide you with a booklet outlining the defining features of the brand we have created alongside a list of recommendations. 
Brand kit v1 express.jpg
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